About the authors - Harada's Neighbours


Art Blog (Tumblr)| Instagram

Loves eating pizza and sleeping. A cup of coffee and a cold shower in the morning are her perfect ways to start the day.

She's working on a lot of projects; one of them, coming soon after the Haradas is "Thunder Catchers". You can see some of her wips on instagram.

The Irezumis are her Spirit Animals. Actually thinks she's just as unlucky as them.


Art Blog (Tumblr)| Game Dev Blog (Tumblr)

A girl... no, a woman who loves dogs, sleeping, drawing and videogames. She enjoys creating characters and fictional worlds and is a hopeless dreamer and romantic (but hates to admit it).

She has many interests that span from art, languages, game design, reading books etc. When she's not drawing or working on the Haradas, she works on her games made in RPG Maker through Ritual Blood™ and tears and curses.

She's very proud of the Haradas, although her most favorites can be found in the Irezumi branch as well. She can't help but ship whatever character falls in her clutches.