Yuji Harada (原田雄二)

164cm/5'5" | February 2 | Aquarius

Place of birth: Japan
Favorite food: Any meat-based meal is fine.
Likes: Le Petit Prince, children.
Worries: Be a bad father.

A young man who has been fighting prejudices and people's ignorance since a young age. Still troubled by past experiences, Yuji tries every day to be the best dad for his son, Gabriel, and do his hardest as a pediatrician. He is willing to sacrifice his free-time and hobbies, such as playing videogames or read books to spend more time with his son. It's very likely to see him under the rain, dancing with a smile on his face.

Joshua Irezumi

183cm/6'0" (before), 187 cm/6'2" (after) | August 13 | Leo

Place of birth: Australia
Favorite food: Pavlova and Koala's March Matcha Green
Likes: Koalas.
Worries: Why he isn't photogenic in photos: he always makes funny faces.

Born from a japanese dad and an australian mom, Joshua has always been the beach type, loved by friends, cheerful and kindhearted. For some strange reason he is haunted by bad luck and tries to fight it everyday. He works in the military navy and for that he could temporarily move to Japan. Joshua suffers from somnambulism; more often than not his neighbours caught him sleeping in the garden. They've long gotten used to it.

Saya Yamaguchi (山口沙耶)

171cm/5'7" | November 1 |Scorpio

Place of birth: Japan
Favorite food: Hard to say.
Likes: Crosses, gossiping with female friends.
Worries: Meet many annoying atheists.

It's hard to say where her obsession with religion came from; It's said she saw a goddess in a vision when she was a kid and called herself "The Chosen One" afterwards. Saya is moderate and respectful of people's privacy, but she often doesn't realize she is very persistent and forces her worldview on others. Moreover, she only thinks in either black or white.

Sato Komachi

166cm/5'5" | March 3rd | Pisces

Place of birth: Japan
Favorite food: Nikujaga during cold months.
Likes: Ubume's stories (a Japanese yōkai) and tall men.
Worries: Her daughter being more beautiful than her.

When her dad and mom told her she could do anything in her life, she replied "I want to become a bitch". She hates society and generally has a bad personality, but she's incredibly smart and knows a thing or two about japanese literature and philosophy. She makes use of any kind of drug, except when she's pregnant. She's in an endless cycle of abstinence and appears nervous to other people, when she actually used to be a very refined and calm person.

Gabriel Harada (原田ガブリエル)

??? | December 2 | Sagittarius

Place of birth: Japan
Favorite food: Saya's Natto for breakfast.
Likes: Reading novels and books in general, get to know more things about the world.
Worries: Find his father weeping again in a hidden corner of the house.

Gabriel has always been a very precocious child, but he still retains his innocence. Very smart and witty, he learned how to write and read on his own at the mere age of two. He's very curious about his surroundings and always asks questions around, although he's very shy around strangers and at school.

He occasionally attempts pranks only to get attention, especially from the people he's interested in.